Fountains for Healthy Ponds

Adding some visual height

Pond fountains are known to add some visual height and create some ambience to a relatively static water feature.  Kasco fountains can be are simple water jet that is sent up from the surface of the pond but they also have nozzles with a more complex arrangement and can come with multiple nozzles. The sound of water splashing usually introduces some very melodious tunes and also improves the overall health of the entire pond through oxygenation.

Things to consider when choosing a pond fountain

There are several factors that one needs to consider when choosing a pond fountain, they include but are not limited to the following;

The base of the pond being used should be large enough so as to capture all the water that is sprayed from the fountain. This helps in conserving the water and minimizing instances of wastage. Keep in mind that a fountain should not be confused with a pond aerator, that is a mistake many new pond owners make.

It is also important to have the pond in an area that is not very windy. This is because wind has been known to blow away over 30% of small water droplets; this can cause wet pathways which can then look untidy, get slippery and get a tad dangerous for passersby and pedestrians.

It is important to reduce either the water pump flow or decrease the height of the water jet being emitted to control the amount of water used and make the overall maintenance of the pond fountain and all its contents flourish.

It is also worth noting that most aquatic plants such as water lilies should never be placed close to splashing water; this is because they have floating leaves that would suffer if continuously covered in water. The force of the water may also damage the leaves; the best plants to have in the pond are plants with upright stems. Submerged water plants are also quite ideal to be used near the base of the fountain.

The overall cost of pond fountains including fixing and subsequent maintenance should be considered before implementing one.

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